Sync Radio EP 114 / by Sync Radio Staff

Host: Soi K   Guest: DJ Lividworks

Hector Plimmer - Bossa B (Glenn Astro Remix)

Anchorsong - Ivory

Washed Out - Hard to Say Goodbye

Cerrone Feat. Manu Dibango - Funk Makossa 

Bstc - Jazz in Outer Space

Chip Wickham - Red Planet (Andrés Remix)

Makadem Behr - Nyako (Daisho Remix)

Abahambi - Storm

The Possé - Bionic Moses

Trailer Limon - Love Don’t Pay the Bills (feat. E Live)

Cerrone Feat. Yasmin - Kiss it Better (Juan Mclean Remix)

Trus’Me - So High (Yoruba Soul Mix)

DJ Lividworks - Live Mix