2-6-16 Sync Radio Episode 39 / by @SyncRadioFM

Host: J. Salaam
 DJ: Kool Emdee

Artist / Title

Louie Vega feat Ursula Rucker - Journey's Prelude

Swift - The Drum (Oscar P Breakers Remix)

Diplo Feat Sadnra Melody, Vybes Kartel & Pantera - Diplo Rhythm

Thomas Blondet - Supreme Dub

Tall Black Guy Prod - The Dark Streets

Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars

Louie Vega Pres Anane - Mon Amour

Demarkus Lewis - Player Hater

Tall Black Guy - From Home To Work, and Back Again

Nickodemus - The Nuyorican Express

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival

DIsclosure - Holding On

Tall Black Guy - The Motor Is Running

Mix By Kool Emdee