Sync Radio 8-22-15 / by Sync Radio Staff

Hosted by Joel Garfield

Live mix by DJ Saba

Interview with Kevin Yost by Seth Jones and Josh Zulu

Event Calendar by Lauren Ignited


Artist / Title

The Chemical Brothers / Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

Two Fingers / Deep Jinx

Birdy Nam Nam / Defiant Order

Amon Tobin / Four Ton Mantis

The Foreign Exchange / All That You Are (Instrumental)

Ramiks / Troutman Brown

Scntst / Wavez Change

FaltyDL / Gospel of Opal feat. Anneka

Beat Spacek / Tonight

Kevin Yost, Peter Funk / Touch The Earth

How To Dress Well / A Power

Low Limit / Trapperkeeper

Slugabed / Skyfire

Mimosa / Keys to the City

DJ Saba in the mix